New Patients

Practice Area

The Practice area covers:Peterson-super-Ely, Danescourt, St. Brides-super-Ely, Riversdale, St. Fagans (North of the railway line), Pentrebane (excluding Pentrebane Drive), Fairwater, Llandaff and Canton, (as far as Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park Road West and Clive Road along Pencisely Road to Penhill.

Newly moved into Fairwater Health Centre catchment area

If you have moved into the Practice area as detailed on Practice Area page then we can accept you as a new patient. If you have your NHS card you will be asked by the Receptionist to complete your new address on the card and this will be sent to Business Service Centre, Pontypool to request your medical records from your previous GP. If you do not have your medical card you will be asked to complete a registration form. You will be asked to complete a New Patient questionnaire in order that we have some information about your present health condition and medication needs before your medical records are transferred to us as this process can take some weeks. This will enable us to get your electronic medical record started with up to date information about you and your medical condition with a face-to-face consultation.

Changing from Practice to Practice within our catchment area

If you have requested to register with us but your previous GP is within our catchment area, before the administration and New Patient Check procedures are carried out, you will be required to discuss the reasons for your request to change Practices with on of our Partners. An appointment will be made for you when you make your initial request to register with us.