Why am I being asked for a reason when I want an appointment?

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To ensure that the right care or service is provided to you, the receptionist may ask the reason why you wish to book an appointment when you telephone the surgery or come to the reception desk.  It may not always be necessary to have an appointment with a GP.

The questions asked when booking aim to ensure you receive:

  • An appointment with the most appropriate heatlh professional
  • The most appropriate medical care, at teh most, appropriate time, with the shortest wait

Reception staff, like all nurses and GPs are bound by confidentiality rule

  • Any information given by you is treated in strictest confidents
  • The Practice takes any breach of confidentiality very seriously and will deal with it accordingly
  • You can speak to a receptionist in private, away from reception on request

If you do not wish to discuss the issue, then you do not have to give a reason and we will respect this.

Thank you for your support